Charm_02 ASTM F136 Titanium Beautifull Piercing Dangling Star Charms


  • Note: Better to use with healed piercings.
  • Brand: Piercing Zone
  • Product Code: CHARM_02
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Beautiful 2mm hole star dangling jewelry charm. Made from surgical grade titanium ASTM F136, it is ideal for all body piercings. Paired with cubic zirconia stones, Mirror finished surface, when properly cleaned, shine for a long time. This jewellery is available in two colours: natural titanium with a grey tone and gold colour. Golden colour is a powder coating on natural titanium that fades over time, but not quickly. Natural titanium colour (it gives a metalic grey tone) remains the same because it does not react with water or other bodily fluids and can be worn for an extended period of time without issue.
This jewelry is sold separately per piece without any hoops; however, it can be accommodated with any hoops of your choosing with a maximum thickness of 1.9mm. If you have any doubts about the perfect fit, please contact us before ordering.
This is a jewelry charm; please refer to the product photos for more information on its use.
This jewellery is suitable for the following piercings: First Ear Lobe, Second Ear Lobe, Third Ear Lobe.

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