ASTM F136 Titanium 16G (1.2MM) Hinged Lock Plain Golden Piercing Ring Hoop


  • Note: With cartilage piercings, this jewelry is complimentary.
  • Brand: Piercing Zone
  • Product Code: 16GHoopGP
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Beautiful plain golden hoop jewelry for your new piercing as well as everyday use. Made from implant grade titanium ASTM F136, it is ideal for all body piercings. This jewelry is available in a golden color that is a powder coating on natural titanium. Powder coating fades over time and with use, but not fast; it also does not react with bodily fluids and can be worn for an extended period of time without trouble.

Please carefully select your desired diameter while ordering. If you have any doubts about the perfect length, please contact us before ordering.
This is a Hinged Lock jewelry; please refer to the product photos for more information on its use.
This jewelry is suitable for the following piercings: First Ear Lobe, Second Ear Lobe, Third Ear Lobe, Low Helix, Conch, Mid Helix, Helix, Upper Helix, Rook, Forward Helix, Tragus, Daith, Low Conch, Anti Tragus, Baby, and Minor Ear, Lip, Septum, Nose.

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